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Comment Fic round up for the week! Please to be ignoring typos and mistakes;)

CWRPS, Jared/Misha, first meeting

Misha's already been working there for two weeks and he hasn't met Jared yet.

It's not unusual for him to work on a set and never have a scene with one of the leads. But it's a little strange, considering how Jensen never seems to shut up about Jared, and the guy's never around.

Finally Jensen asks him out for a beer, says Jared's meeting them there, and Misha's a little excited.

It's maybe kind of pathetic.

He and Jensen go together from set, and Jensen just looks at him funny when he can't stop shaking his leg. He just grins at Jensen and shrugs, and says "Too much coffee."

Jared's already there when they get to the bar. He grins when he sees them and waves. Misha grins back, watching how his t-shirt clings to his arms and can see Jared's eyes looking him up and down. Misha grins wider, and Jensen introduces them. He slides into the seat next to Jared, their knees bumping under the table, and Jared's hand brushes his on the table. Misha can see Jared's face flush and Misha sits back in his seat.

CWRPS, lawyer!Jared/FBI!Jensen, first case

"So who's this douchebag replacing you?" Jensen asks. Chris smirks at him from across the table.

"He's a good kid. A little wet behind the ears. You'd like 'im." Chris winks and takes a long sip of wine. Kane's got an infamous hate of wine, but here he is, drinking the most expensive wine on the menu. All because Jensen's paying. Fucking bastard. "Give 'im your next case."

Jensen frowns and takes another bite of his steak. Right.


Jared Padalecki is not what he expects. At all. Jensen goes right from the lab to the DA's office, photos and file in hand. It's barely 7AM, and he was ready for bed an hour ago, but this is more important. When he gets into the building, he considers seeing Jeff, but takes a detour and goes to Chris' old office.

He breaks into the guys office easy, and flips the light on. He crashes in the chair in front of the desk, his feet up and coffee in hand. He's just about comfortable when he hears footsteps out in the hallway. The guy, Padalecki, is holding his newspaper and coffee and stops short when he sees Jensen.

Chris wasn't wrong when he said Jensen would like this kid, because Christ. Impossibly long legs, floppy hair and fucking gorgeous eyes, and an equally adorable smile pointed at Jensen. Hell, Jensen just wants. He gives the kid an easy smile and gets up out of the chair to shake his hand.

"Jensen Ackles, FBI."

"Okay then, Jensen Ackles, FBI. What can I help you with?"

Jensen gets right down to business. He's trying to focus on the case, but he can't help but glance over at the kid, watches how his hair falls over his eyes, the grimace on his face when he sees the photos. Jensen can't help it, he really likes this kid, and he feels a little bit guilty that he's glad Kane is gone.

Only a little bit, because Padalecki, no, Jared is grinning at him all bright and happy and Jensen can't help but smile back.

Jensen's just about to leave, pulling on his coat when Jared says, "Hey, Jensen?" He looks up. "Thanks, for bringin' this one to me." Jensen just nods, can feel his face flush.

"No problem. See you around." He waves dorkily at Jared before leaving, and he feels wide awake, even though he's been up for almost two days straight.

CWRPS, lawyer!Jared/FBI!Jensen, first time Jensen gets really sick at a job

Jensen doesn't usually get worked up over what he sees everyday. He can't. He'd never get out of bed if he did. He's been at this for awhile now, and yea, sometimes he goes home shaking, needs to call home and make sure everything's okay, but mostly, he can handle it.

He blames Jared for this.

Jensen's gotten upset over jobs before, but tonight, he actually has to walk away, and get a bottle of water. He feels nauseous and he fumbles with his cell phone. He scrolls through his contacts till he gets to the name he wants and hits send.

"Hey, what's up?" Jared sounds relaxed and sleepy, and Jensen takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly.

"You gonna be around?" He wipes his eyes and can hear Jared shifting around.

"Yea, I'll be up." Jensen can hear him breathing and focuses on that, matches Jared's rhythm. Jared doesn't say anything else, and Jensen can feel his stomach settle, feels just a little bit better.

"I'll see you..." Jensen swallows and Jared says goodbye before they both hangup.

He looks up, and Rosenbaum's nearby, standing a couple feet away, leaning against the car.

"You good?" Jensen nods, rubbing the front of his phone before shoving it into his pocket.

"All good."

SPN, Sam/Dean, Sam's first time drinking

"Oh my god, I'm so drunk." Sam blinks, the room still spinning and he turns his head to look at Dean at the other end of the couch.

"Unfuckingbelievable. Sammy, you had two beers." Dean kicks his leg and Sam pouts grabbing Dean's foot. "You're a two beer queer!" Dean twists his leg and Sam reluctantly lets go. He sits up, room spinning around him and crawls over to Dean.

"So drunk." He flops his head down onto Dean's lap and looks up at him. Dean rolls his eyes and takes another sip of his beer, but tangles his fingers into Sam's hair. Sam purrs, arching into the touch and turning his face towards Dean's stomach. "Mmm, feels good." Sam snuggles closer, pressing his face into Dean's sweatpants.

"Uh, Sammmy?" Dean's fingers still in his hair, and Sam groans and shifts closer. He can make out Dean's cock, getting harder and harder in his pants, and Sam moans and presses his mouth against it.

"Dean..." He moans and Dean bucks up towards his mouth.

"Fucking hell Sammy." Dean tightens his fingers in Sam's hair. Sam moans again, mouthing at Dean's cock before lifting a hand up and pushing Dean's pants down. His cock bobs out, hard and red and Sam moans.

"Dean, so hot." He blinks up at Dean. Dean's face is flushed and mouth parted, and the room is still spinning and Sam can't help but lean up and kiss Dean, his tongue sliding into his mouth.

"Sammy." Dean pulls away and Sam whines. Dean tries to push Sam away, but Sam doesn't give a fuck and slides down to press his mouth against Dean's stomach.

"Shut up." Dean moans as Sam sucks his cock into his mouth, precome and spit dribbling down his chin. Sam's moaning like crazy as he sucks Dean down, hand curled around the base. Dean thrusts up into his mouth and Sam chokes a little.

"Shit, Sammy..." Dean curles his fingers harder in Sam's hair and Sam just sucks harder, tongue twirling on Dean's dick. He presses Dean's hips into the couch with his free hand and sucks Dean all the way down.

Dean comes, come filling Sam's mouth and spilling out. Sam moans as he licks Dean's cock clean, and Dean can't help himself, pulls Sam up and licks his mouth. Sam moans, and Dean reaches down to cup his dick with his hand. Sam arches up and comes, and Dean can't help but feel a little smug.

CWRPS, lawyer!Jared/FBI!Jensen, Jared's a light-weight

"Jeeeeensen." Jared mumbles into his neck. Jared sighs and licks Jensen's skin, and Jensen squirms a little, resting his hand on Jared's hip.

There's two empty beer bottles in front of Jared, and a third open.

Jared is drunk.

"I can't believe you're drunk already." Jensen runs a hand through Jared's hair and Jared snuggles closer.

"Mmmhm." Jared slides a hand around Jensen's waist, fingers sliding into his pants.

"Jared!" He can feel Jared grin against his neck, and Jensen squirms as Jared strokes his hips.

"You feel nice." Jared mutters, and licks Jensen's neck again. "Smell nice too." Jensen smirks and tightens his hold in Jared's hair.

"Mmm, you too." He turns Jared's head and they kiss, Jared's tongue sliding against his. He tastes like beer and chips. He hears a chair slide and someone groan.

"For fucks sake, do you really need to do that here?" Chris asks, sliding two shots across the table.

"You're just jealous." Jared says, looking smug and so fucking sexy, and Jensen just wants to take him home.

"Yea yea, tell that to her." Chris nods towards the bar at a curvy blonde throwing back shots with her friends and glancing at Chris. "Heard you kicked ass today."

"He did." Jared sits up enough to grab the shot in front of him, and Jensen knocks his glass against Jared's before he throws it back. The tequila hits fast, and he winces before Jared presses his mouth against his sloppily. He can hear Chris groan again, but he could give a shit. Jared's sloppy and drunk and can't stop touching Jensen,. Jared kicked ass today in court, and Jensen can't wait to get him home.

It's a good day.

"Oh god, I need more booze." Chris gets up from the table and Jared giggles as he walks away, pushing his face against Jensen's neck again.

RPS, Misha/Danneel, sloppy drunk sex

"Goddamn I love tequila." Misha slides his mouth along Danneel's leg and she groans, spreading her legs wider. The room reeks of tequila and beer and lime and sex, and Misha slides his mouth up to her cunt, sliding his tongue along her clit. She arches up into him and slides her hands into his hair.

"Oh god, me too." He kisses up her stomach and kisses her, sloppy and wet. Danneel wraps her legs around his waist, pulling flush against her, his dick hard and leaking all over her skin.

He slides inside of her in one sloppy thrust. She groans, pulling him even closer. He mouths at her neck as they fuck, sloppy and slow, just like the last two times.

He reaches down and slides a finger along her clit and Danneel comes again, arching up against him. Misha comes right after her, and after he slides out, and moves down the bed to lick at her cunt.

"Oh god."

RPS, Jared/Jensen/Danneel, Danneel is a horny drunk and is all over Jared, Jensen encourages it

"Hi Jared." Danneel slides into his lap, her arms wrapping around his neck. Her skirt rides up her thighs, showing off her long, tanned legs. He glances at Jensen, who just grins back at him and takes a sip of his beer.

"Hey Danneel." He grips the couch cushions on either side of her, and she slides closer, mouthing at his neck.

"Mmmm, you smell good." Jared looks over at Jensen again, who just grins slyly.

"Thanks Danny. Uh, do you think you could uh..." She shifts in his lap, right against his dick and he can't help but start to harden. "Uh, Danny."

She licks his neck and slides her mouth along his chin. She giggles and grinds against him harder, her hands sliding into his hair and Jared lets out a groan.

"Oh hell yea." He hears Jensen say and that's fucking it. Jared grabs her ass, pulling her closer. She moans and Jared looks over at Jensen, who wipes his mouth before setting his beer on the table. Jared grins before kissing Danneel, their tongues sliding together. Jensen moans, shifting his hips and unbuttoning his pants.

"Get her shirt off." Jensen groans. Jared complies, sliding her shirt over her head, and sliding a hand around her back. He presses his face between her tits, practically spilling out of her bra. She moans and rubs against him harder and Jared nips at her skin before mouthing at her nipple.

"Oh god." Danneel moans, and he can hear Jensen jerking himself off.

"Get your fingers in her." Jensen moans, and Jared can't get her skirt up fast enough, sliding his fingers into her pants and inside of her. She groans as he sinks into her, two right down to the knuckle.

"How's it feel baby?" Jensen asks, pushing his jeans off completely, dick bobbing out, red and leaking.

"So good." Jared twists her fingers, mouthing at her skin. "So big." She moans and Jared slides a third finger inside of her.

"Get her off, just like that." Jensen's jerking himself off fast and Jared groans and fucks Danneel faster, wants to shove his cock inside of her. He mouths at her nipples through her bra, soaking the fabric. Jared twists his fingers again and Danneel comes, arching against him. He hears Jensen groan and looks over, sees him coming all over his stomach and hand.

Jared's still hard, and Danneel pants against his neck before pulling back to meet his eyes.

"Mmm, c'mon, I want you to fuck me now." And he hears Jensen groan and he can't get his pants off fast enough.

Merlin RPF, Angel Coulby/Katie McGrath, beer then liquor makes you sick, liquor then beer you're in the clear

Katie stares as Angel pours her a shot and then slides it across the table.

"What's the saying?" She eyes them warily, and Angel grins before slamming back her own shot.

"What saying?"

"The beer before liquor...?" Katie bites her lip and watches as Angel pours herself another shot.

"Beer before liquor, never sicker." She throws back the shot and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. "Liquor before beer, you're in the clear." Angel leans over and presses her mouth against Katie's, tasting like tequila. She pulls away and winks before taking a sip of her beer.

"Good to know." Katie grins and throws back her own shot and Angel kisses her again, her fingers tangling in her hair.

RPS, Jensen/Danneel, Danneel pops the question

The baby is almost a year old when Danneel pops the question.

Neither one of them really saw the point in getting married when they found out, about the baby. Danneel's head over heels, is still just as infatuated with him as she was when they first got together, but getting married? They never really saw the point.

They got shit from everyone (except for Jared, who was too busy buying baby toys), but Danneel could give a damn what anyone else thinks. She doesn't want to get married and neither does Jensen, and there's no point in doing it.

Except, now she kind of wants to. They live together, they have a kid together, and well. She wants all of it. She wants to get their family and friends together in one room and do it properly.

Maybe, deep down, she's a little romantic.

When she does it, it's a quiet Sunday afternoon, and Jensen's in the living room with the baby, keeping them both entertained while she takes some time for herself, lounging in the backyard with a book. She can hear the baby giggling, Jensen doing those stupidly adorable voices, and she can't concentrate anyway. She pushes her sunglasses off her face as she walks inside, throwing her book on the counter. She watches the two of them together and realizes she has a family, like for real, and it kinda hits her then what that actually means.

"Let's get married." She rests her hands on the back of the sofa, and Jensen looks up from the baby, eyes wide.


"We should get married." She digs her fingers into the cushions, and Jensen gets up from the floor, holding the baby against his hip.

"Are you, I mean. We said..." He's always been pretty bad with words. He can talk about the Cowboys for hours, but ask him about his feelings and Jensen can't seem to get two words out.

"Yea, I know what we said. But. I want to." She bites at her bottom lip and Jensen walks over to her. "And besides, I finally lost all the baby weight, so I'll look totally hot in a dress again."

She grins at him and Jensen laughs, sliding an arm around her waist and kissing her cheek.

"Well alright then. Let's get hitched."

CWRPS, lawyer!Jared/FBI!Jensen, "I love you."

"You stupid fucking bastard." Jared grabs his arms, looking fucking terrified and scared, and Jensen feels a little bad.


"You could have fucking died, what the fuck is wrong with you?" Jared hauls him in and hugs him tightly. Jensen winces, Jared hitting a scrape on his arm.

"Sir, we need to..." The paramedic pulls on Jared's arm, but Jared won't pull away.

"Jared, c'mon, let 'im look at me." Jensen swallows and tries to push Jared away.

"You're unfucking believable, I can't fucking believe..." Jared pulls back and runs his hand along Jensen's cheek, thumbing at a cut on his face. Jared takes a deep breath and steps back. The paramedic cleans up Jensen's cuts and looks at his hand.

"You're very lucky, it's not broken. It's just a sprain." The paramedic wraps his hand and Jensen grins at him. Jared's hoovering, and Jensen gives him a quick smile. The paramedic finishes up, and he can hear Rosenbaum yelling for him across the parking lot. The guy leaves, and Jared's right next to him again, hand warm on his arm.

"Fucker ruined my suit." Jensen looks down at his suit, ripped and torn and Jared laughs before hugging him again.

"He almost ruined your ability to live, you fuckface." Jared mutters into his neck. Jensen can't help but laugh too, wrapping his arms around Jared. "You coulda died." Jensen can see Rosenbaum walking across the parking lot towards him and Jensen sighs.

"I didn't though." He kisses Jared's shoulder before they pull apart.

"You okay?" Rosenbaum asks, crossing his arms against his chest. Jensen can feel Jared stiffen against his side.

"I'm fine."

"No thanks to you, you fucking bastard. What the fuck is wrong with you?" Jared growls, and Jensen pushes him back.

"Jared, it was my idea, okay?" Jensen pushes him back and Jared makes a frustrated noise.

"Well, both of you are so fucking stupid." Rosenbaum looks amused, and pats Jared on the arm.

"That's why you push paper and we do all the hard work." Rosenbaum says, and Jared flips him off. "Alright Ackles, you can take off. I'll see you on Monday?"

"Wow Mike, a whole three days off?" Jensen grins.

"You deserve a month for this shit." Jared rests a hand on his back, and Jensen leans into the touch.

Mike says goodbye and Jared steers him over to his car. He helps Jensen inside before sliding into the drivers side. He puts the key into the ignition, before turning to Jensen and kissing him, his hands steady on Jensen's shoulders. It's desperate and messy, and Jared's muttering against his mouth, "You almost died, I almost lost you," and Jensen just holds him harder and kisses him back.

Jared pulls back a little before kissing the scratch on Jensen's face and mumbles, "God, I love you." Jensen laughs and kisses Jared again.

"Me too."


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