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Birthdate:Sep 7
Location:Rhode Island, United States of America

FRIENDS ONLY. Mostly for privacy reasons, as I do talk about real life and work and all other kinds of shenanigans. 25 years old. Working a 9-5 job doing "office-y things". Enjoys laughing at the ridic, reading way too much, writing too little, drinking my weight in coffee, and spamming twitter like it's going out of style.
LIKES. Donald Glover. Keira Knightley. Politics. Community. Inception. Doctor Who. Fringe. The Eleventh Doctor. Donna Noble. Danneel Harris. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Tom Hardy. Jared Padalecki. Zachary Levi. Chuck. Peggy Olsen. Mad Men. Boardwalk Empire. Supernatural. Sam Winchester. Jensen Ackles. Dean Winchester. Misha Collins. Leverage. Glee. ALDIS HODGE. Katie Cassidy. Finn Hudson's FACE. Rahm Emanuel being crazycakes. The West Wing. TFL. Friday Night Lights. The Ninth Doctor. The Big Bang Theory. Matt Nathanson. U2. Your Mom jokes.

I SHIP IT. Arthur/Eames. Ariadne/Yusuf. Troy/Abed. Peter/Olivia. J2. Sam/Dean. Sam Winchester/Pretty People. Chuck/Sarah. Jared/Jensen/Danneel. Danneel/Genevieve. Hardison/Parker. Josh/Donna. Kurt/Finn. Ten&Donna as BFF. Amy/Rory/Eleven. Troy/Everyone. Gwen/Morgana.

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RAHM SAYS: "This is important. Don't fuck it up."

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