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After all, it's only a diary. Everyone knows diaries are just... full of crap.

Friends Only.

I'm not really adding back at the moment, but if I know you from TFL or we have some similar friends, I'll probably add you back. I'm just trying to keep my FList under control, because it got a little crazy:)

If you're looking for my fic, everything has moved to my fic journal as of January 31, 2010:) I'm sorry for the inconvenience (I hate broken links too!), but I promise I won't move it again! My fic journal can be found at [ profile] tiny_infinity!
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I know you're probably all aware of [ profile] help_japan, which is awesome, but there's another fandom auction going around as well for Japan. It's for rare pairs and fandoms that aren't super popular, and the bidding works a little bit differently. You should totally go check it out and request a few things!
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I'm supposed to be on hiatus (moving suuuucks), but this is awesome.

Fandom Appreciation Week!

Go play! Have fun!


Jan. 30th, 2010 10:26 pm
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Just an FYI, my fic will now be posted at [ profile] tiny_infinity! I will no longer be posting any fic to this journal and I've moved all my old fic to the new community.

Thanks for being patient while I worked stuff out!
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Since I've been getting emails/comments on this - all my fic is temporarily friends locked. I'm sorry, I know it's a total pain in the ass and I hate flocking fic:( Everything will be straightened out in a few days!
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Comment Fic round up for the week! Please to be ignoring typos and mistakes;)

CWRPS, Jared/Misha, first meeting

Jared/Misha, first meeting )

CWRPS, lawyer!Jared/FBI!Jensen, first case

FBI!Verse, first case )

CWRPS, lawyer!Jared/FBI!Jensen, first time Jensen gets really sick at a job

FBI!Verse, first time Jensen... )

SPN, Sam/Dean, Sam's first time drinking

Sam's first time drinking... )

CWRPS, lawyer!Jared/FBI!Jensen, Jared's a light-weight

Jared's a light-weight )

RPS, Misha/Danneel, sloppy drunk sex

Misha/Danneel )

RPS, Jared/Jensen/Danneel, Danneel is a horny drunk and is all over Jared, Jensen encourages it

J2/Danneel )

Merlin RPF, Angel Coulby/Katie McGrath, beer then liquor makes you sick, liquor then beer you're in the clear

Angel/Katie )

RPS, Jensen/Danneel, Danneel pops the question

Jensen/Danneel )

CWRPS, lawyer!Jared/FBI!Jensen, "I love you."

FBI!Verse, I love You )


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